Contact Information

Richard Wachsman, M.D. A.M.C.
3252 Holiday Court, Suite 105
La Jolla, CA. 92037

T: 858-453-1145
F: 858-453-1796

Dr. Richard Wachsman is a Board Certified psychiatrist with over 35 years of experience in the San Diego area. He treats a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and learning disorders in teens and adults.

Dr. Wachsman received his medical education at Washington University at Saint Louis, Mo. and trained in psychiatry at University of California at San Diego, CA and then taught for 18 years as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry.

A cancer survivor with a background in yoga and mediation, Dr. Wachsman's practice encompasses the most effective elements of Eastern and Western medicine. His work as the medical director of a psychiatric hospital and the chief of staff of a general hospital, has equipped him to address even the most complicated disorders.